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Automated Inventory Management
Shed features a bespoke integration with the Agworld platform. After setting up your storage locations in Shed and performing your first stocktake, inputs used in your Agworld ‘actual’ records automatically get deducted from your stock-on-hand in Shed. Inventory made easy!
Improve your Insights
Growers that use Shed and Agworld are able to see exactly which products are available in each chemical shed, with totals updated as soon as a field activity has been marked an ‘actual’ in Agworld. Running low on stock for a job you are currently working on? Shed will show you exactly whether you need to put in a rush order to prevent the crew from sitting idle!
Optimise your stock on hand
Whether you have 1 or 10 chemical sheds on your farm, it’s easy to overlook existing stock and order new products instead. Shed gives you the data you need to prevent ordering products unnecessarily and choose the right shed to get your product delivered to by your chemical supplier.


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